How to Diet for a Spartan Ultra: Part Two
by Klára Viršíková • Apr 12th, 2023

We have here the second part of the series on nutrition for the Spartan Ultra race from our ambassador and nutritional therapist Klára Viršíková.

Last time we talked a little bit about race preparation and how important it is to train your diet during such a long and demanding challenge. Today we will continue with what to watch out for right before and during the races.

In the week before the race, you should gradually prepare your body for the upcoming challenge. Stay hydrated at 200%, eat high carb foods if you choose meat, choose something lighter (chicken is a much better choice than beef steak - have that as a reward after the race... During the race your body needs to focus energy on performance and not for digesting heavy food. In the morning before the race, have the classic breakfast that you are used to before any other race and go for it! During the race, eat according to the current feeling and experience and I will repeat again - the drinking regime is the basis! Don't forget to regularly at least drink a little at a time.

And what about the race itself and the comfort zone?

What you bring to the tent for food in the comfort zone is also important. You have to have a lot to choose from and be prepared for different situations.

- Feel free to prepare a bigger meal - chicken with rice, pasta in your favorite way... Maybe you'll be hungry and want something to eat. - Prepare a lighter favorite snack, such as fruit with yogurt, so that you can have something to taste if you are not at all hungry. - Someone also likes to eat something that you wouldn't think of as a snack for such a race: I've experienced bread with lard, bread with smoked meat, bread with mustard and bacon or ermine... just a snack for beer and not for Ultra, and yet it's for someone can perfectly suit. - To drink, feel free to have a small bottle of your favorite drink (juice/tea...) or cola, which will help someone a lot and just make it bad for someone else, we are all different, someone might like coffee or an energy drink.

So try everything carefully again. Try having a takeout meal and then have a few scoops. Are you sick? It probably won't be the right one. Does it suit you? Ideal! Try more times. Try running 20 km and then have a can of Coke. Observe how your body reacts. Write it down. Find out what works best for you and use it in the race.

Maybe you're going to do more Ultra races. Anyone who wants to take an ultra in the Czech Republic (CEU) must prepare for serious hills, which we will not miss in Kouty. So think about the fact that maybe you will have a snack on the way up the hill and try it - are you out of breath? Or do you prefer to linger somewhere on the way down when you can just mount and run? What is more convenient for you? Maybe the comfort zone will be after you climb out of the stream, so it would be nice to have tea ready in a thermos? Or do you not mind the cold? You have to be prepared for absolutely everything, and now is the time to prepare, so make the most of it!

Nutrition for Ultra Run

Klára Viršíková - Spartan Ambassador Czech rep.

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